Welcome to Fanø Blokart!

About driving Blokart:

Welcome to Fanø Blokart when it`s going to be fun and nice in an informal atmosphere.

A visit is for everyone, children, kids, young and old. You are served by adult instructors and security has a high priority.

We have 6 Blokarts which is ready, 2 Blokart is a double seat so your child also can have a trip. You drive normally on time basis, book one or more Blokarts according to your needs. At Fanø Blokart you can get out and drive fast, we do have a performance equipped Blokart with wind shield and carbon mast with all size of sails to achieve maximum speed up to 75 km/hour.

Book online, call or send an email.

See you on the beach!

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Phone: +45 29 32 00 45

Email: info@fanoeblokart.dk

Rindby strand

6720 Fanø


CVR: 42 00 63 19



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